What are ‘YOGi LIFE’ programs?

Bored with your life?

Fallen in to a rut?

Have you lost your way and need some help getting back?


One of the biggest questions I get asked is - How am I able to maintain a balanced "yogi" lifestyle in this busy, distracting, modern world?

These custom programs are created by me to give you a comprehensive daily "Yogi" routine that is easy to integrate into your daily life and daily routine.

I want to ensure you are traveling through life with all of the best "yogi life tools" under your belt.  So you can confidently create a life full of joy, health, happiness and peace.

During the 8 or 12 weeks duration of your online custom programs, You will come to think of me as your online personal yoga coach, motivator and life cheerleader.

I will create a program based around what ever it is that you may be trying to achieve in the pursuit of balance in your daily life or yoga practice.


I will work closely with you to individualize your 8 or 12 week program to generate the results you are seeking. We will discuss your wishes in our first one on one video chat and along with the details from your questionnaire:

I will design a specific program for you, that we work with during the duration of our time together. we can make little tweaks and adjustments as needed along the way.

You will have:

-weekly checkins,

-accountability and

-and access to me directly for any questions, guidance, motivation or support that you need.

These packages are designed around your needs and can include any or all of the following:

  • Tailored yoga classes
  • Meal plans
  • Detox plans
  • Specific Meditations
  • Specific Affirmations
  • One on one video sessions with Kim White
  • Natural beauty regimes
  • Live chat via messanger
  • Weekly check –ins with Kim White-Ability to ask me questions
  • Photos and videos of workouts
  • Programs for both Men & Women
  • Programs for all levels

Flexible payments plans are available on request.